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The Dual rotor permanent magnet motor model, which is actuator assisted, has the following data during a test run.

RPM approx. 1800 (under load)
DC power consumed, 6.25 watts
Calculated Motor generated output in watts 4.375
Efficiency while powered 100% of the time, ~70%.  (using 2-12" speakers for actuators).  Output measured using prony brake and digital scale.

It is not necessary to power this motor 100% of the time.  If powered at say 25% of the time, it should run on an average power consumption of 1.5625 watts.  (using DC ohms law)  4 watts out / 2 watts in = 200% efficient 


What if you could create a motor that is a power producer,
instead of a power consumer?

A newly invented technology of a near all magnet motor is revealed in a how-it-works book.  The Power Assisted Magnet Motor takes a look inside, revealing a bit of out of the box thinking along with a common sense approach.  The book is intended for study at the college level to the professional engineer, or the professional experimenter.  Have you ever wondered how a motor can operate as a potential power producer, rather than an inefficient power consumer?  You will find out how this technology can break the barrier of the ordinary electromagnetic motor level of efficiency, into the extraordinary near all magnet motor level of efficiency, potentially establishing a new standard for high electrical efficiency. 

As an experimenter, inventor, and a computer engineer with a background in electronics, author Don Sitler applies his technical and mechanical experience and knowledge to find a magnetic method that works from magnet to magnet; resulting in a way to successfully extract energy from the permanent magnets in this motor, adding this extracted energy to the motor output.  The book Power Assisted Magnet Motor is the result of years of work and study to document how this new technology can obtain such outstanding advantages. 


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